Pesach 5781/2021

Once again and with help from the Almighty, for the last time, Pesach is going to be very different this year and local communities will be in touch with members to outline initiatives and ideas to enable families to celebrate Pesach, despite the exigencies of the Covid-19 virus.

The London Bet Din and SKA have both published guidelines on how to buy products more easily from local sources that are deemed “kosher le pesach” under the current situation.

Some local shops are carrying stock too, including Tescos, Morrisons and Sainsburys – also LaBoucherie and Deliphone., but please let us know of other sources using contact form.

Selling your Chametz:

United Synagogue:

Pesach Timings 2021: (Courtesy of the United Synagogue)

The Shabbat and Festival times listed below are for London and this area only.

** Click here to see special guidelines to be followed this year, when Erev Pesach fall on Shabbat

*** British summer time starts 1.00am

Tzav Shabbat Hagadol/Erev Pesach**
Thu 25th MarchSearch for chametz (nacht) from7.13pm
Fri 26th MarchLast time for burning chametz11.04am
Fri 26th MarchLight candles6.09pm
Sat 27th MarchLatest time for eating chametz10.00am
Sat 27th MarchShabbat concludes7.13pm***
First Days Pesach
Sat 27th MarchLight candles after7.13pm***
Sun 28th MarchLight candles after8.14pm
Mon 29th MarchYom Tov concludes8.16pm
Pesach 7th Day/Shabbat and Pesach 8th Day
Fri 2nd AprilLight candles7.21pm
Sat 3rd AprilShabbat concludes/light candles after8.25pm
Sun 4th AprilPesach concludes8.27pm
At the conclusion of Pesach it is advisable to wait until the rabbi has repurchased the chametz before eating any sold chametz food products