Pesach 5782/2022

Hopefully Pesach will get back to some kind of normality this year, but obviously ensure that your gatherings, whether at home, or in the various communal sedarim, are conducted in fully ventilated settings.

Covid is still around, so caution is urged.

May your Pesach bring you joy and inspiration and let us all think of those unable to celebrate this year whilst the situation in Ukraine remains critical (at the time of writing).

The London Bet Din and SKA have both published guidelines on how to buy products more easily from local sources that are deemed “kosher le pesach”.

Some local shops are carrying stock too, including Tescos, Morrisons and Sainsburys – also LaBoucherie and Deliphone., but please let us know of other sources using contact form.

Selling your Chametz:

United Synagogue:

Pesach Timings 2022: (Courtesy of the United Synagogue)

The Shabbat and Festival times listed below are for London and this area only.

Erev Pesach
Thursday 14th April: Search for chametz after 20:39
Friday 15th April: Last time for eating chametz 10:42
Dispose of chametz before 11:52

Pesach 1st Day/Shabbat and Pesach 2nd Day
Friday 15th April: Light candles 19:43
Seder commences: 20:41
Saturday 16th April: Shabbat concludes and light candles after: 20:49
Sunday 17th April: Yom Tov concludes: 20:51

Pesach 7th and Pesach 8th Day/Shabbat
Thursday 21st April: Eruv Tavshillin – Light candles: 19:53
Friday 22nd April: Light candles and Shabbat commences: 19:54
Saturday 23rd April: Shabbat and Yom Tov concludes: 21:02