Pesach 5784/2024

Pesach celebrates freedom and our prayers, this year, are even more poignant when we think of families in Israel, and those in our community, whose lives have been so cruelly impacted by the terrorist actions of Hamas, or the on-going war in the Ukraine.

May the Almighty bring peace to the world and an end to suffering for all people, at home, in the Middle East and throughout the world..

Chag Pesach Sameach

The London Bet Din and SKA have published guidelines on how to buy products more easily from local sources that are deemed “kosher le pesach”.

Some local shops are carrying stock too, including Tescos, Morrisons and Sainsburys – also LaBoucherie but please let us know of other sources using the contact form.

Selling your Chametz:

United Synagogue: 

Pesach 2024/5784

Timings from the United Synagogue and for London area only

Mon 22 April (Erev Pesach)
Last time for eating chametz 10.36am
Latest time for disposal of chametz 11.48am
Yom Tov light candles 19.54pm (nightfall 20.54)

Tuesday 23 April (1st Day Yom Tov)
Light candles and second Seder commences after 21.02

Wednesday 24 April (2nd Day Yom Tov)
Yom Tov ends at 21.04

Shabbat Chol HaMoed
Friday 26 April: Light candles 20.01
Saturday 27 April Shabbat terminates 21.10

Sunday 28 April
Yom Tov candles 20.04

Monday 29 April (7th Day Yom Tov)
Yom Tov candles 21.14

Tuesday 30 April (8th Day Yom Tov)
Yom Tov and Pesach terminates 21.15

At the conclusion of Pesach it is advisable to wait until the Rabbi has repurchased the chametz before eating any chametz foods which were sold